Gay couple win custody battle for daughter in Thailand

A gay couple, Gordon Lake and Manuel Santos, have been battling their Thai surrogate for custody of their daughter, Carmen, since she was born in January 2015.  After giving Carmen to the couple the surrogate mother, Patidta Kusolsang, changed her mind and refused to sign the documents allowing Carmen to get a passport so she could leave Thailand with her new parents. Gay Times reports that the couple have won the custody battle and they can now go home with their daughter, Carmen. Speaking outside of the courthouse, Gordon said, "Yes we won!"

Love and truth won. Thank you Thailand!

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"We are just overwhelmed with emotion. We always knew our story would have a happy ending and we just can't wait for the four of us to be together again." Manuel spoke to the Reuters News Agency and, through tears, said, "This nightmare is going to end soon, Carmen will be with us in our home." They have planned to visit family in Spain before returning home in the US. More stories: Pics: Austin Armacost strips off as the new face of aussieBum and Prowler Go behind the scenes of Ben Hardy’s Attitude cover shoot