Gay duo Bratavio get the boot from The X Factor - WATCH

The X Factor live finals returned this weekend, and claimed its first casualty as glamorous duo Bratavio were sent home. The pair sang a spectacular medley of The Venga Boys' 'Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom' and Aqua's 'Barbie Girl' on Saturday night, but it couldn't save them from bottom two and a sing off against (surprisingly) vocal superstar Saara Aalto. Nichole Scherzinger was the only judge who could muster being pleasant to the heartbroken pair, and congratulated them on their vocal performance, while Sharon Osborne sarcastically screamed "really?!" when Louis said they were going to "sing their hearts out." Meanwhile, Louis, who didn't have to defend his decision to keep them in the competition seeing as they are his own act, took it upon himself to give a lengthy, detailed and completely unnecessary speech on why Saara was the better act, which felt a lot like rubbing salt in the poor duo's wounds. It wasn't classy. They pair gave an impassioned performance Yazz's 'The Only Way Is Up', but sadly the pair were no match for Saara, who in all fairness performed Sia's 'Alive' at a level that would put most of the show's previous winners to shame. Still for all, the competition will be more boring, and far less fashionable without them, and it's a shame that they had to die for Honey G to live. Sunday night's drama was preceded by the inevitably horrendous group song, where all 11 acts tackled Fleur East's 'Sax', and the return of former X Factor winner and homophobe James Arthur, who earnestly sang new single 'Say You Won't Let Go', which thankfully contained no references to him thinking men want to put their "stinky dicks" in him. Maybe tonight just wasn't the right "context". Next week will see the remaining acts take on Motown songs, which will undoubtably involve people missing the point of Motown and putting their "own" spin on classic songs, and Honey G causing Michael Jackson to literally turn in his grave. We can't wait! More stories: Table For Two | 'My stepdad would get on better with him' Homophobic attacks rose 147% in the three months after Brexit