Gay Irish man subject of two homophobic attacks in same night in Sydney

A 22-year-old Irish man has been the subject of two homophobic attacks during them same night in Sydney. Dylan Souster, from Laragh, was first attacked by a group of seven before being further attacked by a man offering to assist him. According to My So Called Gay Life, Souster has sustained multiple facial fractures, tooth dislodgement, palate damage and bleeding in the ears. Severe swelling of the jaw means he can’t yet speak properly, while one eye remains swollen and he has a split lip. After waving off friends in a taxi in the early hours of last Sunday morning (21 February), the man was attacked by a gang of six men before a woman in the group urged them to stop. After the bloodied victim asked a man for assistance, the stranger offered to call his girlfriend. When Dylan replied that he had a boyfriend, the man replied "Oh, you have a boyfriend. You're a queer, you're a faggot," and repeatedly punched him. Anybody with information about the assaults has been urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. More Stories: Pet Shop Boys are Attitude's brand new cover stars Sacha Baron Cohen: 'All men have homosexual leanings'