Gay Londoner attacked on the street in Sitges

An Attitude reader has been in touch to share a disturbing story about being attacked on the street at world-renowned LGBT holiday destination Sitges. Mark Small - better known to many as Vanity Nightmare, a popular drag queen on the London scene - was holidaying in the Spanish seaside town when he was attacked on the evening of August 1. image3 "I'd just left a club and was making my way to the [train] station on a busy street. I was nearly at a crossroads... I was just being generally friendly and my usual self when it happened," Small tells Attitude. "There were policemen only metres away from the attack but they didn't ask for any of my details, though they did ask me if I wanted an ambulance. It all happened so fast... as soon as I got up I knew the guy was no longer there." Small sought treatment in hospital for the attack, which left him with a chipped tooth, extensive bruising to his face, and a black eye. image1 "I've had no trouble before... Sitges has a large gay area and many of the places are gay-friendly. There are straight bars/clubs, but as far as I know these weren't in the area [I was attacked], so he must have been on his way home," said Small.