Gay men are too 'unfaithful' to marry according to Australian Senator

A senator for South Australia and marriage equality opponent Bob Day hit out against same-sex marriage as he believes most gay men in relationships are unfaithful to their partners. During the second reading of the Marriage and Equality Amendment Bill Day said 'In places where gay people, typically men, have been able to form recognised unions, they don’t necessarily equate their commitment to monogamy', according to His findings are based on a survey which said that only seven out of 156 same-sex couples managed to stay faithful, however the same survey found that only 9 per cent of lesbians in civil unions had sex outside their relationship. He went on to warn that marriage equality would lead to polyamorous marriages. 'How soon until we have Marriage Equality dusted off for the throuples? I suggest that there won’t even be enough time for the dust to settle, and it will be on again.' Words: Rhys Mathews