Gay men living with HIV share their new year's resolutions with Panti Bliss - WATCH

We've teamed up with Gilead Sciences for their 'My HIV, My Rules, My Journey' campaign.


January is a time to think about our health and wellbeing goals for the coming year - something that becomes even more pronounced when juggling HIV treatment alongside everything else.

In the third instalment of our series of videos with Gilead Scienes'  My HIV, My Rules, My Journey campaign, gay men living with HIV share their resolutions for 2019 with Irish drag star Panti Bliss.

With Dr Vanessa Apea and Dr Tristan Barber on hand to offer some expert advice, Kristan, Jimmy and Paul find out the best ways to keep abreast of diet, alcohol and ageing as they manage their HIV.

Check out the gang's new year's commitments and queries below - and to help tackle any queries you have about HIV or to take a HIV Health MOT visit