Gay penguins desperate to start a family steal an egg from couple in Dutch zoo

The two African penguins are taking it in turns to keep the egg warm


Words: Steve Brown

A gay penguin couple in Amersfoort’s DierenPark zoo were desperately trying to start a family that they stole an egg.

The two African penguins reportedly stole the egg when the other penguin family weren’t looking, the zoo staff said, according to Dutch News.

Although no one knows whether the egg has been fertilised, it is current hatching season and staff say the penguins have been caring for the egg ‘very well’.

Zookeeper Marc Belt said: “The gay couple are looking after the egg very well and take turns in keeping it warm.

“Homosexuality is fairly common in penguins, but what makes this couple remarkable is that they have gotten hold of an egg!”

Luckily the couple they stole the egg from have since produced a new one.