Gay superhero to lead new CW series 'Freedom Fighters: The Ray'

Following the success of the DC Comics superhero shows like Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, US network The CW have announced a new animated series which will have a gay hero called The Ray. Freedom Fighters: The Ray will differ from the comics on which the character is based: Instead of being born with powers,  Raymond ‘Ray’ Terrill will have a more Marvel Fantastic Four exposure to a science experiment and gain powers. Raymond works as a reporter before joining the Freedom Fighters to defend the world with his light-based powers. It is hoped that should the show prove a success, the character cross over into The CW's live-action shows like Arrow and The Flash. Words: Darren Mew More stories: Olympic Judo player comes out after winning gold in Rio Daily Mail questions Chris Mears and Jack Laugher’s masculinity after gold medal hug