Gays on TV: Your guide to the week's best LGBT TV and film

Here's what not to miss on the box this week.


Words: Hugh Kaye

Finally, after waiting since Christmas for a sight of the new Doctor – and what feels like about five years (when it’s actually about 15 months, but that’s what time-travel will do to you), we get a new series of Doctor Who (BBC1, Sunday 7 Oct, 6.45pm).

It opens with a 60-minute story which hopefully will be a lot better than some of the most recent episodes (read more about exactly what you can expect here). With some of the gay bosses having left the show, it’s difficult to know just how many LGBT+ characters/story arcs there will be. But at least it’s back.

One word of warning though, the last time they moved it from its Saturday-night slot back in the late '80s, it was a rather obvious effort of letting it run itself down before it was axed… 

Another new series is The Bisexual (C4, Weds 10 Oct, 10pm). Maxine Peake stars in this six-part comedy drama, and the title pretty much tells you all you need to know.

It never ceases to amaze me that someone had the audacity to think that getting famous people to pretend to sing would be “something” - almost cheating, you could say - and that you can make money from it. But, boy how I wish I’d come up with the idea of Lip Sync Battle (VH1, Sun 7 Oct, 2.45am)

The best match-up this week sees Josh Gad (best known for Frozen and Beauty and the Beast, although he also rocked up in the latest version of Murder on the Orient Express, playing the role taken by Anthony Perkins in 1974) and Kayley Cuoco (Penny in The Big Bang Theory) in a Whitney vs Britney syncing clash!

More girl power is evident in Room 101 (BBC1, Fri 12 Oct, 8.30pm), with gay boxer Nicola Adams looking to get her pet hates consigned to the bin of history. Comedians Frankie Boyle and Diane Morgan are the contestants brave/stupid enough to be opposing her.

Possibly not all-out gay, but super heroes always have a place in our hearts and the fierce female special forces - the Dora Milaje - in Black Panther (Sky Movies Premiere, Fri 12 Oct, 8pm) make it even more of a draw.

On a more serious note, there’s another chance to see Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids (Really, Weds 10 Oct, 9pm). Among the youngsters the presenter meets is Amaya a 17-year-old transgender boy, who has been undergoing testosterone treatment before surgery.

Finally, I’m happy with mine. Are you happy with yours? Yes, I am talking about what you think. The Perfect Penis (Really, Tues 9 Oct, 10pm), pretty much speaks for itself - which would be a neat trick!

Seriously though, this documentary looks at the surgical, herbal and, yes, mechanical, methods some men use to achieve perfection. Look out for (or maybe look away from) an unusual procedure undertaken by doctors in Russia.

Over on Netflix, there’s a chance to see Attitude favourite Tituss Burgess in the fourth season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Dressed as a Girl, which follows seven London drag queens as they perform over a number of years.

And if you are up for something more romantic, try the award-winning The Way He Looks, about a teenager whose life is changed by the arrival of a new classmate. It’s directed by Daniel Ribeiro, who was one of those behind Boys Briefs 5.