Gays on TV: Your guide to the week's best LGBT TV and film

Here's what's on the box this week.


With the summer heatwave a mere distant memory, we're spending our weekdays the old fashioned way: with our feet up in front of the telly.

Here's what might pique the the interest of LGBT viewers over the next seven days...

Two famous gay faces pop up in reality shows this week. John Partridge, who played Christian in EastEnders for eight years, is in the kitchen for Celebrity Masterchef (BBC1, Thurs 23 Aug, 8pm) while dancer and choreographer Louie Spence is likely to get a bit mucky in Celebs on the Farm (C5, Mon 20 Aug, 10pm).

Will he end up quite literally in the sh*t? There are probably a few meanies out there who hope so.

Meanwhile, Attitude favourite Alan Cumming takes the lead role in Instinct (Sky Witness, Thurs 23 Aug, 9pm). He plays a former CIA operative, now an author and college professor, who is drawn into the hunt for a serial killer – on the grounds that he’s a bit of a psychopath himself.

Kylie pops up – sort of – when comedian Robert Webb takes on her persona in Lip Sync Battle UK (Comedy Central, Mon 20 Aug, 12.30am). It’s not quite Tom Holland doing Rihanna, but then what is?

On the documentary front, another singing superstar is featured in David Bowie: Stardust (PBS America, Weds 22 Aug, 9pm), a documentary which looks at the creation of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

And there’s also Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids (W, Sun 19 Aug, 9pm), with the presenter travelling to San Francisco to meet youngsters who are having gender-reassignment treatment.

A third documentary this week may not be out-and-out gay, but you can bet next month’s salary that many young LGBT+ people could help answer some of the questions posed in Horizon (BBC2, Weds 22 Aug, 9pm).

The long-running factual series looks at why suicide accounts for more deaths of males under the age of 50 in the UK than cancer or car accidents – or anything else for that matter. Dr Chris – aka Xand van Tulleken – investigates.

Netflix’s offerings include 4th Man Out, in which a young mechanic is helped to find Mr Right by his straight friends, while in Those People a Manhattan painter, with a secret crush, finds himself falling for an older man (thank goodness some guys do!).

And the Spanish Made in Bangkok follows a transgender opera singer who travels to Thailand to undergo reassignment surgery.

Not exactly a bumper week, true, and it’s a bit of a mystery that Moonlight still hasn’t come to the small screen, but hopefully the listings will pick up once the nights begin to draw in…

Words: Hugh Kaye