Gays on TV: Your guide to the week's best LGBT TV and film

Here's what's on the box this week


It’s a bit of a barren week for gay programmes this week so we’ll have to mainly make-do with flesh-spotting and searching for eye candy.

A pretty good place to start is Running Wild with Bear Grylls (5Spike, Sat 28 July, 8pm). If seeing the man himself is not enough for you, his “victim” this week is Zac Efron – topless, sweaty and wet!

There’s at least one former Attitude staffer who won’t be going out all night for a change…

There are also a couple of chances to see Daniel Radcliffe in post-Potter mode. He plays Igor in Victor Frankenstein (Film4, Wed 1 Aug, 9pm) and if that gives you the hump (groan, sorry), try Horns (C4, Sat 4 Aug, 12.35am). You don’t need telling how that might leave you.

Meanwhile, Sky has devoted an entire movie channel to former wannabe-priest Thomas Cruise Mapother IV.

To see him at his best, and in hot dress whites and other uniforms alongside a rather dapper Val Kilmer, go for Top Gun (Tom Cruise Sky Cinema, Sat 28 July,1.55pm) or as an ever-so-slightly-deranged army cadet in Taps (Tom Cruise Sky Cinema, Sun 29 July, 4.25am).

With luck, it’s the version where the shower scene hasn’t been cropped. You can also catch him dancing in his undies – which some people believe is what started his rise to super-stardom – in Risky Business (Tom Cruise Sky Movies, Mon 30 July, 12.20am).

There are a few more cerebral offerings, however. Glenn Close was Oscar-nominated for her role as an 19th-century Irish women who spends 30 years of her life dressing as a man in Albert Nobbs (BBC1, Sun 29 July, 11.40pm). Sounds a bit like Mrs Doubtfire with a PhD! Co-stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers provide extra interest.

The focus of Who Do You Think You Are? (Yesterday, Tues 31 July, 2am) is Doctor Who addict, Game of Thrones star and Attitude podcast hero Mark Gatiss while for the more grizzly-minded of you, World’s Most Evil Killers (Sky Living, Sun 29 Jul, 9pm) features drag artist Thierry Paulin, who was responsible for the murder of at least 18 women in 1980’s France.

There’s also another chance to see America’s Hate Preachers (BBC1, Tues 31 July, 11.45pm). It’s not just us they seem to dislike but try not to shout obscenities at the telly: you’ll scare the neighbour’s dog.

Netflix also has some interesting offerings. In Gayby Baby four youngsters talk about life with gay parents, while The Outlist is a documentary which paints portraits of LGBT+ activists, entertainers and athletes.

On the film front, there’s Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party in which the teenage son of an Evangelical Christian preacher begins to question his sexuality, and two Indian drag queens try to seduce a hunky aspiring actor in The Pink Mirror.