Gays on TV: Your guide to the week's best LGBTQ TV and film

Here's what not to miss on the box this week.


Words: Hugh Kaye

Having just marked Transgender Day of Remembrance, two films take centre stage this week and while they could be some questions raised about the casting in one of them, both have something to offer.

There was controversy when cisgender female Elle Fanning was given the role of transgender Ray in 3 Generations (Sky Movies Premiere, Mon 25 Nov, 10.10pm).


That was ramped up by comments made by director Gaby Dellal. See what you think and watch out for Susan Sarandon as Ray’s lesbian grandmother.

No such arguments surround Saturday Church (Sky Movies Premiere, Sat 23 Nov, 1.20pm) which stars transgender, non-binary Indya Moore.

The story focuses on 14-year-old closeted queer-gender Ulysses, played by Luka Kain, who is trying to figure out his life and finds refuge with a group of trans women (including Moore as Dijon) and gay youth - then discovers the world of voguing and New York’s ball culture -- Kia LaBeija, the former mother of the royal house of LaBeija, was a consultant on the movie.


Part drama, part musical, the film has been dubbed (by some) as La La Land meets Moonlight.

Meanwhile, two of the top queens in the world of entertainment are united in Elton John: Uncensored (BB1, Thursday 28 Nov, 9pm). Taking a break from his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, the retiring (as in giving up work, rather than being shy and quiet!) superstar, knighted in 1998, chats intimately to Graham Norton (still waiting for his knighthood!).

Some of the topics covered were touched on in Rocketman -- hopefully, this will be a bit more revealing as talk turns to Elton’s childhood, addiction and his life as a superstar.

Finally, our lesbian readers might enjoy Flirty Dancing (C4, Fri 29 Nov 8pm).