Geordie Shore's Nathan Henry: 'How I lost 32lbs and sculpted the Superman body of my dreams in just 12 weeks'



Geordie Shore star Nathan Henry has told how he lost 32lbs and sculpted his dream body in just 12 weeks.

The 26-year-old hunk slimmed down from 16st 11lbs to his ideal weight of 14st 7lbs so he would look good on TV. He also lost four inches from his waist, but actually put on two inches across his chest, to give him the 'Superman' torso of his dream man Henry Cavill, who plays the movie superhero. 

Nathan, 6ft 4in tall, is proudest of completely flattening out his pot belly and developing the same ripped abs of his male co-stars. He teamed up with the fitness team from health and wellbeing firm Forza Supplements and swapped his favourite pie and chips lunch for its Shake It Slim meal replacement drinks.

Nathan, who lives with his boyfriend Craig, 24, and his dog Buddy, got added energy for sessions in the gym by taking its Raspberry K2 diet capsules. He put on a staggering 21lbs in just six weeks filming the current series of Geordie Shore which sees the cast travel to Tenerife for some wild partying.

Nathan said: "I have got my dream body after 12 weeks of really hard work. I've seen lots of stars 'sculpting' their most desired figures and I thought I would try and do the same. I did it by cutting out the junk food, ditching the booze and working on some great exercise routines which have got my abs harder than they've ever been.

"I felt rubbish after we finished filming the new series. I had put on a stone and a half and when all the lads in the house have amazing abs it makes you feel a whole lot worse. Aaron was training for his MMA fight when we were in the house, so that inspired me to take action.

"I completely overhauled my diet. Out went the full English breakfasts, followed by pie and chips for lunch and lasagne for dinner. In came steamed veg and lean turkey breasts. I would miss lunch most days and have a Forza Shake It Slim meal replacement shake which fills you up but gives you all the vitamins you need to live healthily.

"When I need a bit of added zip for the gym, I would take Forza Raspberry K2 capsules which take the edge off your appetite and give you lots of added energy. I am determined not to put on weight again so I can look as good as the other Geordie boys when we start filming again in February.

Former hairdresser Nathan was spurred to lose the weight by jibes on social media after branded a 'fat turkey' by fans of the show.

He was bingeing on as much as 6,000 calories a day during filming and developed a round pot belly and 'man tits' because he was so big. 

Nathan has become a firm favourite with fans after joining Geordie Shore three years ago. He came out as gay in his second series and he has enjoyed snogs with co-stars Aaron Chalmers and Scott Timlin during games of Truth or Dare.

Losing weight and getting into shape is hard. You can achieve your goals much more quickly with help from the right supplements. The team at Forza developed a programme for me. It involved up to two hours' exercise a day, supported by the use of supplements.

I swapped some lunches for Forza Shake It Slim meal replacements, which contain only 204 calories per serving but have all the nutrients you need and leave you feeling full. If I needed some extra energy for the gym, I would take the Raspberry K2 capsules which give you a lot of added zip and take the edge off your appetite. They really helped.

During the 12 weeks I also used Forza Fat Binder, a really effective fat binder which helps you to lose weight more quickly.

I also used Forza Weight Loss Capsules which fill you up before meals and means you can eat around half the calories of a regular meal.

Nathan's diet on a typical 'partying' day in Geordie Shore - 4,000 calories 

Breakfast - full English with two fried eggs, three sausages, half a tin of beans, four rashes of bacon, fried mushrooms, pint of orange juice and white coffee with two sugars.

Mid-morning snack - ham and crisp sandwich.

Lunch - meat pie, chips and gravy and a pint of fruit cider.

Dinner - lasagne, chips, salad followed by chocolate brownie with salted caramel sauce.

Booze at night - two glasses of prosecco, two rhubarb gins with soda, five Kopparberg fruit ciders.

Nathan's healthy diet developed by the team at Forza Supplements - 1,600 calories

Breakfast - two scrambled eggs on one piece of brown toast with flaked smoked salmon and spinach

Mid-morning snack - fresh almonds and cashews

Lunch - roast turkey breast, sweet potato and salad or a Shake It Slim meal replacement drink

Afternoon snack - carrot and hummus.

Pre-Dinner - take two Forza Weight Loss Capsules 30 minutes before eating to reduce calorie intake.

Dinner - fillet steak with steamed kale, broccoli and carrots and two or three baby potatoes.

Drinks - three litres of water. 

*Nathan is a weight loss ambassador for Britain's leading health and wellbeing firm Forza Supplements whose products are also available at  Boots and Holland & Barrett.