Georgia's anti-gay bill could have implications for sport and culture

Georgia's new 'religious liberty' bill could enable organisations to lawfully discriminate against anyone that violates the religion's beliefs, including gay people. The NFL have warned, however, that such discrimination is not supported by their organisation as they aim to be wholly inclusive. Georgia's resident NFL team the Falcons, whose new stadium is due to open next year, will likely be prohibited from hosting the Super Bowl if Georgia passes this controversial bill. Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin urged Hollywood to withdraw from filming in the state of Georgia should the bill be passed. Pink News reports that in 2015, film and television productions in Georgia resulted in an income of over $1.7 billion, demonstrating the huge economic influence Hollywood has on the state. Griffin implored directors, producers and studios to use this monetary power to protest the new bill. He added that the bill is 'an affront on all the values Hollywood prides itself on' and that those working on set in Georgia would be subject to 'state-sanctioned discrimination.' Words: Rhys Matthews