Geri Halliwell confirms Spice Girls 'in talks' for reunion

Spice Girls reunion rumours are as regular as clockwork nowadays, and August was a particularly big month for them, with talk flying thick and fast that the girls would reunite next year - most likely sans Posh - for a full-scale world tour. While 2016 does seem an ideal time for a reunion - it being the 20th anniversary of the group's world-conquering debut single, Wannabe - we've been conditioned to take these endless reunion rumours with a very big pinch of salt. We've been burned before, you see. SpiceGirls BUT: Geri Halliwell - The Artist Formerly Known As Ginger Spice - appeared on This Morning yesterday for a chat about her charity causes, married life and solo music (her long-awaited fourth album is due for release next year, apparently). On the topic of the rumoured reunion, host Phillip Schofield had this to say: "2016, 20th anniversary - we would assume that may you guys might do something to celebrate that? It's not in concrete, but can we say there's a bit of soft cement." "I knew you were going to ask me that," said Geri, squirming on the couch. "I can say that there's been... TALKS." Never has the word 'talks' held so much meaning, so much hope. Do we want a Spice Girls reunion? tumblr_mkvrb09Kz41r7in82o1_500