Get fit and fast with Equinox's Precision Running Class

PRECISION RUNNING @ EQUINOX Equinox have the perfect treadmill workout class to make you stronger, faster and more fit. This precise formula is an intricate balance of speed, incline, and recovery. Unique interval training pairs with inspiring coaching strategy and leading edge running technique so you continuously challenge you to break your Personal Records. 140305_Card04_Treadmill-1508+2133_100m_xl (1) (1) Class Overview The Balanced Approach Precision Running is a treadmill training workout based on a unique method of interval training developed by running coach David Siik, and is known as the Balanced Interval Training Experience, or B.I.T.E. Collaborating with Team Equinox, the method is utilized to train runners of all abilities to Run Right, Hurt less, & Burn More. This precise running formula mathematically strikes a balance between aerobic and anaerobic forms of interval training. It maintains a strict balance between the four core principles: Speed, incline, duration, and recovery. A natural benefit of this formula is the balance of forces acting on the body when running. The Results The Burn: Interval running has long been considered an athletes best tool for training for intensity and enduring strength. The BITE formula gives your accomplishes more work over time and is convenient. It has become widely accepted that high intensity interval training destroys the mother load of calories, and now, with a balanced approach (B.I.T.E.) you get that uncompromised burn, with less impact on the rest of your body. You’ll toast the fat, and cool the joints. The Build: Build skill, speed and distance. The program design systematically build running competence and confidence throughout the class as well as endurance over the course of many classes. Over time, this leads to increased ability and baseline fitness conditioning to do more work efficiently, all while minimizing physiological wear and tear and stress on your body. This gives participants the opportunity to create longevity in running by learning to take control and begin running right with to confidence competence and consistency for life long mastery. The Body: The promise is a strong, long, lean runner’s body toned and fit from head to toe and the extreme confidence to boot. Middle distance running and sprinting is the ideal approach to running without the concern of over developed muscles and the wear and tear of other more extreme approaches to running. Class benefits 1) Sustainable and practical running workout for life 2) Increased stamina, endurance and strength 3) High calorie burn in a short amount of time 4) Reduced stress and impact on body 5) High energy and exciting group dynamic 6) Calculable, data collection and manipulation Class Design Breakdown 1) Welcome/Screening/Set Up 2) Movement Prep Ritual/Mobility and Mindset (Approximately 3 minutes) 3) Ramp Up/Run Formula (Approximately 2 minutes) 4) Precision Run/Intervals (Approximately 30-40 minutes) 5) Precision Core Set (Approximately 3-5 minutes) 6) Runners Reset (Mobility and Mindset) (Approximately 2-3 minutes) 7) Closure—Post Training Advice About David Siik - Model, athlete and running instructor equinox manDavid Siik, a native of Northern Michigan, is a graduate of Grand Valley State University in Biomedical Science and Chemistry, where he held multiple university records in Track & Field, including the 800 meters, and was eventually named to the USA Track and Field All-Academic Team. David is also a successful FORD model for nearly 12 years and is now one of the most recognized faces in the world of running advertising, appearing in Ads for Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, and Powerbar, as well as current global campaigns for Asics and Mizuno. A passionate writer, he has been a contributing writer and been featured in publications such as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, GQ, Esquire, Details, SELF, Fitness RX, Huffington Post, as well as appearing on five Runner’s World Magazine covers, including the recent September 2013 issue. Details Magazine recently featured David as one of the "hottest trainers to look out for in 2014." For more information follow Equinox on Twitter or visit their website at You can also follow David Siik @DavidSiik.