Girl shares horrifying TikTok of father's reaction to trans boyfriend: 'He is not a boy'

"You've put a major wall between us," the dad tells the teen - who says she's now been kicked out of the house.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: TikTok

A teen has posted what she claims is a recording of her parents' abusive reaction to the news that her boyfriend is transgender.

Two clips were posted on Sunday (6 June 2021) by 19-year-old TikTok user Elyse (@enoblehere), going on to amass over two million views.

Elyse's bio contains a rainbow flag, the pronouns "she/her", and an indication she identifies as bisexual. ("Bi-ing food probably.")

She labelled one of the videos: "My mom and dad finding out my boyfriend is trans."

"Give me a break - he is not a boy"

In the video, a man who Elyse alleges is her father is heard saying: "Give me a break - he is not a boy."

"He just hasn't started testosterone yet - we could have a family," his daughter replies.

"Oh, give me a break," the father repeats.

"I care about how you guys feel," a tearful Elyse later continues. Throughout both videos, she is heard repeatedly declaring her love for her partner.

Her dad later bellows: "You're willing to give up your family for someone [you've been seeing] for seven, eight months, that doesn't even know their left from their right? [...] You've put a major, major, major wall between us."


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"You have the choice, but this is not the right choice and you know that," he adds, continuing: "If you choose this path, you need to speed up moving out really fast."

"Nobody's holding a knife to you to go be his lover," Elyse's mother is heard saying in another video.

Yesterday, Elyse posted an update from her car. In the video, she says: "A couple of days ago I got kicked out of my house. I wanted to make a quick update. There's been a lot going on but the love and support I've gotten - comments, follows, messages - it was really overwhelming.

"I told my boyfriend I don't know what to do, as I didn't mean for it to blow up, but that's not the point. I'm safe, I'm staying with Ash my boyfriend, as you know.

"He's amazing and I'm really, really in love with him. He takes really good care of me."

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