'Glee' casts 'Canadian Idol' star as gay quarterback

Glee has cast actor Marshall Williams to play a gay character in the show's upcoming final season. Glee Fox’s musical series will return for a 13-episode sixth season on January 9 in the US, with five new characters joining the cast in total. Find out more here. Williams, most famous for becoming a finalist on Canadian Idol, will join the musical series' sixth and final season as Spencer, a "football stud" that happens to be gay. Meanwhile, the High Court has also ruled that Glee must change its name in the UK because it is breaching the trademark of a chain of comedy clubs – read more about the decision here. More stories: Two gay weddings for ‘Glee’s sixth and final season? ICYMI: Former ‘Glee’ star Grant Gustin in pants on ‘The Flash’