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Glee star praises gay plot: 'They're falling in love with each other as characters instead of as gay characters'

Glee star Finneas O'Connell has praised the show's on-going romance between gay students Spencer and Alistair. Speaking to Zap2it, the actor said that the storyline was different because it involved two already openly gay students, choosing to focus on them as "characters instead of as gay characters". G "One of the coolest parts of this seasons is that it's a benchmark in how far the pop culture world around Glee has come in its sixth season," O'Connell, who plays Alistair explained. "I think it's rad that there's this openly gay high school football player and openly gay art student named Alistair and they're falling in love with each other, but they're falling in love with each other as characters instead of as gay characters." He continued: "I like the idea of them being together as these two separate oddities - just personality wise. Alistair wears a lot of vests, beanies and wrist jewelry. He plays the ukulele. Spencer is the picture of high school masculinity. They are not mirror images at all and they are very, very different human beings." Ahead of the show's final episode on March 20, O'Connell revealed his hopes for the couple's future. "I'd like to see a future where they are together but are aware of each other," he said. "I like the idea that neither of them is trying to change each other. "They're there for each other and laughing about each other's intricacies, which is very close to real life in a lot of senses." tumblr_nkhqw8oPTk1st09qzo7_400 More Stories: Ryan Murphy argues that ‘Glee’ has been integral to US equal rights battle Watch Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama's Uptown Funk dance-off