Good Morning Britain's Ben Shephard gets flirty with James Purefoy: 'You make anything sound sexy'

The ITV presenter couldn't stop gushing about the actor


It seems Good Morning Britain host Ben Shephard has a bit of a crush on actor James Purefoy. 

The Rome and The Following star stopped by the morning show for an interview with hosts Kate Garraway and Shephard. 

During the interview, the 43-year-old host couldn't resist asking the actor what it's like to get naked for television. 

He said: "I have a huge admiration for you. I'm not scared of getting naked but it's just in that sort of environment."

The actor laughed at the question before he replied: "It's always the chaps that ask me about this." 

"It's not something I have a problem with, no. We are all naked at least twice a day, we were born naked, it's just not a big deal. The first time I was ever on stage I was naked at 17. It was very cold!" 

The 53-year-old actor went on to reveal he's filmed naked scenes for his upcoming Netflix series Altered Carbon. 

"It's shot on 8K cameras," he said. "I'm not even sure if anyone has an 8K television. But every detail is a feast for the eyes!" 

Kate Garraway, who gave up alcohol for dry January, joked: "I can't drink and you're not naked, it's difficult to watch." 

Shephard then went on to argue that it didn't matter if Purefoy was naked as the actor's voice is enough for him.

The presenter gushed: "It's impossibly sexy listening to your voiceovers. I guarantee you can make anything sound sexy." 

As a joke, Shephard then handed the actor a slip of paper with the intro to the breakfast show written on it and asked him to read it aloud.