Google make new advert about gender transition

Google have unveiled a groundbreaking new advert which focuses on the gender transition of vlogger Jacob Wanderling. The ad, which is promoting the Google My Business service, also ties in with Google's support for LGBTI Pride. trans The ad tells the story of Jacob Wanderling, who documented his transition from female to male on YouTube. In the clip, he recounts, "Growing up, I was never comfortable with the way I looked when I looked in the mirror," adding, "I wanted to take my shirt off one day and have all these muscles". There are images of Jacob as a child, as well as present day scenes of him fishing - something he used to do with his late uncle who raised him. As he goes on to explain his transition, various clips from his YouTube channel are presented, before the focus shifts to City Gym in Kansas City, Missouri, where Jacob trains. "I'm excited to get in there and build the body that I've always wanted." Hailee Bland Walsh, the gym owner then explains that she is training Jacob following his top surgery, saying, "I'm really interested to explore with him what it feels like to be in his new body." google18n-2-web Hailee explains that her gym has become a place where other trans men have started to come to train. "It was never my intention to create a space specific for any group, but what a testament it is to create a space where any group feels comfortable." Showing herself and the gym goers using Google to search for the business, Hailee explains, "When people are looking online for a different type of gym - somewhere that's safe and inclusive - I want them to find us." The ad ends with a striking moment, where Jacob reveals his new, shirtless body. The film was produced by the ad agency Venables Bell & Partners. [youtube height="HEIGHT" width="WIDTH"][/youtube]