Greek Orthodox Bishop suspended after saying LGBT people 'are not human beings'

Bishop Amvrosios Ambrose was found guilty of incitement to hatred


A Greek Orthodox Bishop has been suspended after telling followers to ‘spit’ on gay people.

Bishop Amvrosios Ambrose – who became the bishop of Kalavryta and Aigialeis in 1978 - wrote a blog post three years ago calling for his followers to ‘spit’ on gay people and urged people not to go anywhere near the LGBT+ community.

He wrote: “They are not human beings, they are rejects of nature.

“Do not go near them! Do not listen to them! Do not trust them! They are the damned members of society”,

Following his comments, a group of citizens took action and on Monday (January 28), Ambrose was found guilty of incitement to hatred and abuse of ecclesiastical office.

He was handed a seven-month sentence and was suspended for three years.