Grimmy: 'I hate Madonna working with lesser stars like Minaj'

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 21.25.24Nick Grimshaw has said that he hates the idea of Madonna working with "lesser" popstars in a bid to stay "current". The Queen of Pop is currently working on her 13th studio album with a diverse array of collaborators including Alicia Keys, MIA producer Diplo and Wake Me Up hitmaker Avicii. Earlier this week (September), she hinted that she might be reuniting with Nicki Minaj, who previously appeared on two tracks on Madonna's last album, 2012's MDNA. Asked by attitude.co.uk what he is hoping for from Madonna's new album, Grimshaw said: "I hate her working with lesser pop stars – I hate her working with Nicki Minaj. I just don’t know why she would do that. I like her being at the forefront and not just working with a popstar that she things is current." He continued: "I don't think she should go down the Avicii route, either. That American EDM music, I find it really throwaway, and I don't think Madonna should do anything throwaway because she’s got the rep and heritage to look after." Earlier this year, Madonna also hinted that she is working with Disclosure, the UK dance duo behind White Noise - and Grimshaw gave this potential collaboration the thumbs up. "I’m really happy that I keep seeing her tweeting about Disclosure, though, because that sort of classic house sound that they do so well is, I guess, what Madonna came from; she came from the New York club scene," he explained. To read our full interview with Nick Grimshaw, in which he also chats about Rihanna and Adele's new albums and his own compilation The Nixtape, click here.