Grindr launches its own range of emojis

Grindr, has launched their own sexually influenced emojis which fit the Grindr conversations users have. The new range of emoticons, which have been introduced on the latest update of the popular gay dating app, go from really rather cute to definitely rather sexual. As well as are symbols for 'top bunk' and 'bottom bunk' to insinuate sexual position preference, there are symbols to signal whether users can travel or accommodate and an array of aubergines to cover well, pretty much every type of aubergine out there. Not everyone is pleased with all of the emojis included however, with some users pointing out that some of the images may be construed as code for drug-use. The update comes as competition in the gay dating app market continues to grow, with Made in Chelsea's Ollie Locke becoming the latest person to throw his hat into the ring with the release of new app 'Chappy' earlier this month. More stories: Disney’s most memorable coded gay characters Colton Haynes gets engaged to boyfriend Jeff Leatham – with a little kelp from Cher