Grindr removes 'T' emoji after users claim it stands for crystal meth

Grindr recently launched its own sexually influenced range of emojis for Grindr users. The new range of emoticons,which have been introduced on the latest update of the popular gay dating app, go from really rather cute to definitely rather sexual. However, just days after the update, the app has removed the T emoji after users voiced concerns that it stood for crystal meth. According to Gay Star News, when the emoji line was first launched, many users of the app speculated what it mean with some claiming it referenced the slang term "tea" to describe gossip. However, many users also claimed that the T emoji stands for "Tina," a slang term for crystal meth. After users voiced their concerns on social media, the T emoji was removed from the app. Grindr has yet to comment on the emoji. More stories: Disney’s most memorable coded gay characters Grindr releases its own range of emojis