Grindr reveals countries with highest percent of top, bottom and vers users



Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Pexels, posed by models

Grindr has shared data on which countries have the highest percent of top, bottom and vers users - and it makes for fascinating reading.

The app, which has over three million daily active users, shared the info on Twitter over the weekend as a Spotify Unwrapped-style Christmas gift (of sorts).

Shame a lot of us can't travel right now!

"Vers *does* exist"

In an infographic including the words "yes, vers *does* exist", Grindr revealed that the five countries with the highest percentage of vers users are Venezuela, Guatemala, Argentina, Mexico and Australia.

Meanwhile, the countries with the highest percentage of bottoms are Vietnam, Sweden, Thailand, Peru and South Africa.

Then, those with the highest percentage of tops are Morocco, India, Nigeria, Chile and Israel. Hardly scientific, but interesting to know all the same...

Grindr also revealed which countries have the most users, with the US coming out on top, followed by Brazil, Mexico, India and the UK.

It furthermore revealed that Sunday is the most popular day of the week for people using the app.

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