Guess which Hollywood hunk sends Harry Styles' heartbeat racing

Harry Styles has revealed himself as a big fan of a certain A-list actor. The former One Direction singer made an appearance on Radio 1 yesterday to promote his new movie Dunkirk, which comes out on Friday in the UK. Nick Grimshaw played a game with the Sign of the Times singer, and made him wear a heart monitor while showing him pictures of different items or people to see what would get him excited. Pictures of people like Harry's former bandmate Zayn Malik and a Victoria's Secret model did nothing for the star, but that changed when the radio host whipped out a shirtless Ryan Gosling. Harry's heart-rate spiked to 80bpm, but all he had to say was: "Yeah, he's great". Don't worry babes, he gets us excited too. Meanwhile, it's been a busy week for One Direction stars. Liam Payne, who released his debut solo single Strip That Down last month, decided to get literal with his latest performance of the track. After coming on stage to a bunch of screaming fans in the audience, Liam decided to give them all heart attacks as he ripped off his top to show off his impressive physique. The reaction was deafening, and honestly we’re here for it. We wonder what Harry would have thought about it?