Gus Kenworthy given key to city at Miami Beach Gay Pride

The Olympic hearthrob ticks off crowd surfing from his bucket list


Gus Kenworthy has been given a key to the Florida city during Miami Beach Gay Pride.

The 26-year-old Olympic heartthrob was the first action sports star to come out during his career after coming out prior to the 2018 Winter Olympic games in South Korea.

Now, during the Miami Beach Gay Pride in Florida on Sunday (09.04.18), Gus was driven through the city as the Grand Marshal and couldn't believe he was given a key to the city.

He wrote on Twitter: "Honored to be the Grand Marshal at today's Miami Beach Gay Pride and to receive a key to the city! Like... What?! [sic]"ย


While celebrating Pride, the Olympic freestyle skier ticked off something off his bucket list by crowd surfing but said he was "semi-nervous".

Kenworthy - who is now dating actor Matthew Wilkas - posted a video crowd surfing on Instagram with the caption: "Stoked to [tick] "Crowd Surf" off of my bucket list, today!

"I was semi-nervous I was gonna have a Gretchen Weiner's moment but thankfully my queer fam had my back! Such a fun day at Miami Beach Gay Pride! ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ [sic]"ย

Speaking at the event, he said "Pride is so important and Miami does it right. It's such an honour to be here."ย

This year, Kenworthy revealed he knew he was gay from the age of five and when he was 11 he first came out to his best friend, his dog Mack.

He told People: "He was my best friend. I guess he was the first person I told I was gay.

"Iremember whispering it to him and being like, 'Don't tell anyone'. He didn't."