Halle Berry shuts down bigots who have a problem with video of 6-year-old son wearing her heels

The Oscar winner responded to small-minded followers after she shared a clip of her 6-year-old son strutting upstairs in heels.


Halle Berry has recently hit back at critics of her son after she posted a video of six-year-old Maceo wearing heels on Instagram.

The video, uploaded at the end of March, showed him sporting a pair of cream stiletto boots – presumably owned by the Catwoman star – and trying to negotiate his way up a set of stairs in them.

Just a bit of harmless fun for a kid in isolation, right? I mean, who didn’t get curious about their mum’s heels as a child?

Well, *spoiler alert*, not everyone thought it was appropriate behaviour for a six-year-old boy – cue eye roll.

After people left comments on the video saying “I hope that’s the daughter” (Berry has a 12-year-old girl as well), “nothing fun about this” and “my son never played in heels”, Berry has now decided that she’ll have the last word.

Instead of arguing back, she simply posted a classy response, which read: “Well it’s a he and he is having a ball.

“Tryna cope the best he can. Laughter helps a lot right now! It’s tight on these kids right now.

“Let’s have a laugh and some compassion.”

We reckon Maceo could teach us a thing or two about strutting our stuff, frankly. Watch the “offending” video below:

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