Hallmark release adorable Christmas ad featuring gay couple - WATCH

With two months until Christmas it was only a matter of time before Christmas ads started popping up and here they come. Hallmark, a greeting card company, has just released an adorable new Christmas ad that features a gay couple. The new advert show a gay couple moving into a new home and unpacking their boxes. As they do, the pair reminisce about the first Christmas the spent together after they find their first Christmas tree from one of the boxes. One of the men says, "You know what it needs? An accessory." They spruce up the tree by adding a 'home' ornament from Hallmark. The company previously released a short film about coming out and for valentines day, they released a campaign featuring two homosexual dads. You can watch the adorable video below: More stories: Orlando Cruz pledges to become world’s first openly gay boxing world champion Scottish hotel loses five-star status over owner’s homophobia