Happy birthday Dylan McDermott: The 'American Horror Story' star turns 57 today

To celebrate his birthday here are just some of his hottest moments


Long before Lady Gaga rocked up on American Horror Story, drinking the blood of innocents and preserving eternal youth, Dylan McDermott was the anthology series' original age-defying star.

The Murder House and Asylum star has sadly been absent from the show for the last three series but made an appearance in the Murder House and Coven crossover season Apocalypse, and has given us plenty of, erm, pulse-racing moments.

In honour of his 57th(!) birthday today (October 26), we're issuing Dylan with the following demands: either give us your skincare secrets, or get back in time for next year's instalment of AHS so we can ogle you some more, thank you please. 274386be3a4f4c4419a85e41c303fbd8 Dylan_McDermott_GIF1 99e9547442c53167a080bdce95f6ea13 AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Episode 10 - SMOLDERING CHILDREN (Airs December 7, 10:00 pm e/p). Pictured L-R: Dylan McDermott and Robber Man. CR: Lewis Jacobs / FX anigif_enhanced-buzz-30260-1388701855-0 tumblr_muxb4dWmKg1rjrvmvo1_250 enhanced-buzz-7022-1388769279-0 mcdermott banana dylan-mcdermott-american-horror-story tumblr_nbwja6IoNG1tf9vu6o2_500 qtSe5