Happy birthday Jason Derulo! His hottest moments

If there's one thing we know about ripped R&B star Jason Derulo, it's that he hates t-shirts. Like, really hates them. He might have four UK Number One singles and be worth god knows how many millions, but that money certainly isn't being spent on trips to his local branch of H&M... tumblr_n43gkgozV61qd4z2ko2_400 Oh yeah, she gets it. So in honour of his 26th birthday today (September 21), we thought we'd celebrate the Want You to Want Me singer and his hatred of mixed fibres by taking a look at some of his greatest ever #freethenipple moments. Join us on this important journey... tumblr_nlwowdjlr71u3f7u4o1_1280 tumblr_mvuqm8o8h41rrjt1io1_500 derulo Jason3 jason-derulo jason Jason2 giphy tumblr_mroi1rKgKf1r810xzo1_400tumblr_static_tumblr_static_3ly1uws00bwgwk8oso4wook84_640 jason-derulo-promo-thelavalizard article-2527426-1A3B3CB600000578-395_634x806 jasone More stories: Listen to the first snippet of Sam Smith’s new Bond theme Watch: Couple’s awesome response to being told to stop kissing in a bar