Happy birthday Kylie Minogue! The pop princess's 10 best singles

Let the controversy begin.


It's Kylie Minogue's birthday today (May 28) and it's time to celebrate.

As the pop princess turns 50, we thought we'd take a look back at our favourite tracks from her incredible four decades in the music business.

Our top ten was the subject of a rather heated debate at Attitude HQ, but eventually we came to the following conclusion - and yes, no doubt we've skipped a few of your favourites, but that's bound to happen when the princess of pop has released more than 50 singles, most of them absolute winners!

10. Put Yourself In My Place (1994)

It may not have been Kylie's most successful single, but Put Yourself In My Place remains a gem from Kylie's slightly more challenging Deconstruction era. The video features a naked Kylie floating around a spaceship. Amazing.

9. On A Night Like This (2000)

Spinning Around may have signalled Kylie's 'comeback', but it's follow-up On A Night Like This that holds a special place in our hearts. The Abbey Road Sessions version of the track is also sublime.

8. Love At First Sight (2002)

We imagine this 2002 single features quite highly on most Kylie fans' top tens. Kylie referenced Love At First Sight when trying to describe Into The Blue in an interview earlier this month, and we can definitely see why.

7. Get Outta My Way (2010)

Kylie's message to a lover who is leaving her less than satisfied showed a sassier side to the little Aussie pop rocket than we were used to. As always, she pulls it off with ease.

6. Better The Devil You Know (1990)

Better The Devil You Know is probably the campest Kylie track in our top ten and it remains brilliant nearly 25 years after its release. It's also provided some of the most extravagant Kylie tour numbers, like this and this.

5. All The Lovers (2010)

Kylie couldn't have picked a better lead single from Aphrodite. Not only is All The Lovers quintessentially Kylie, it has a charm that appeals to more than just us gays - its sense of euphoria is irresistible to even the hardest of pop cynics.

4. Confide in Me (1994)

Confide In Me is a Kylie song of epic proportions. Undoubtedly the highlight from Kylie's mid-90s move into less straightforwardly "poppy" territory, Confide In Me is an alluring dance ballad, and one of the highlights of Kylie's live shows.

3. Wow (2008)

This is the song that should have kicked off 2007's X campaign. Team Kylie can probably see the error of their ways now, as Wow sounds just as amazing in 2017 as it did the day we first heard it.

2. Can't Get You Out Of My Head (2001)

An Ultimate Kylie playlist wouldn't be complete without giving mention to Kylie's 2001 enormo-hit Can't Get You Out Of My Head. Just sublime.

1. Slow (2004)

Slow proves that sometimes less is actually more - and we're not just talking about the song's accompanying music video. It's a seductive piece of synth-pop that, for us, remains Kylie's best track to date.

What are your favourite Kylie songs?