Happy birthday Oscar Isaac! The Star Wars actor's hottest moments

Today marks the 37th birthday of Golden Globe-nominated actor Oscar Isaac, so we thought we'd celebrate by taking a look through some of our favourite snaps of the hunky star. Unless you were in a cave last year, you'll remember that Oscar was everywhere, thanks to his role as Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Look at him hanging out casually in space here. oscar isaac star wars 2 There was even a possible gay romance to speculate over. landscape-1450794162-movies-starwars-poe-finn-1 Oh the rides he'd take you on! fb40b8f78364dcb67f4a1f41805c34d4_0 But our love affair with this Guatemalan born hottie goes way back. OSCAR ISAAC SUIT oscar isaac wet 2 Has he ever looked more smouldering than he did in Inside Llweyn Davis? OSCAR ISAAC 1 He played a bearded King John in Robin Hood, which allowed us to imagine what a night in bed would be like with the suddenly hot 12th century monarch. OSCAR ISAAC ROBIN HOOD anigif_enhanced-25853-1416243057-1 tumblr_inline_o28a9k5L1h1s4foy8_500 tumblr_o0e9qgrhXw1ug1jt4o5_400 Can we also discuss how well he pulls off the pencil moustache in Sucker Punch? OSCAAR ISAAC SUCKER PUNCH tumblr_inline_n52c1d8FAq1s2yxp7 tumblr_inline_o0buab7TQO1rifr4k_500 If the sharp suit look isn't your thing though, maybe you'll like his more rough and ready look in Ex Machina. OSCAR ISAAC EX MACHINA uj7wrnx2noc1j7xgqwty And if you like him clean shaven, he can do that too. smooth Even with a streak of grey through his hair, he is absolutely killing it. OSCAR ISAAC GREY And if you're in any doubt about how good an encounter with Oscar would be. Don't take our word for it... anigif_original-grid-image-31546-1416240116-4 Plus, just imagine this on the morning after. oscar isaac Happy Birthday Oscar! More stories Could a Star Wars gay romance be happening? Tom Hiddleston just can't keep his clothes on these days