Happy birthday Tom Daley! His 21 hottest pictures

Tom Daley hits the big 2-1 today (May 21), so what better way to celebrate than with 21 of the best gifts he has given to us over the last couple of years... Tom6 Having a quick vogue before heading back to the diving board. tom-daly-speedo-diving-practice-07272012-04-435x580 Let's not forget that he also looks good with clothes on. The fact we had to search "Tom Daley clothes on" to get any pictures to show up on Google is amazing, though. MAYBE3 Suns out, guns out. tom-daley-769736694 *SHAMELESS BUTT-SHOT KLAXON* Tom1Tom7MaybeTom Daley Training1 Sorry, but who looks this good taking a shower? You could grate cheese on those abs. Tom4Tom12 Are we above a "playing with balls" joke? Let's pretend we are. article-0-15645796000005DC-703_634x914   Tom-Daley-Sexy-Calendar-Shoot Can we take a moment to discuss The Jonathan Ross Show's colour scheme? Not even Tom can make an orange shagpile rug look good. Tom5 Glasses, no glasses. Shirt, no shirt. Trousers, no trousers - is there anything this man doesn't look good in or out of? Tom11 Apparently not - he can even work double-denim better than Britney and Justin ever did: Tom Daley photographed by John Wright Someone needs to remind him that this sort of behaviour is only appropriate at the pool... (not us, though). Tom15 Tom giving some excellent advice: Tom13 You can think of your own captions for these next three pictures, we're keeping things classy(ish). Tom16 Tom Daley And Friends Enjoying A Day On The Beach In Miami Tom14 And then finally, this adorable moment from series two of Splash! earlier this year made us love him even more. Tom Daley Happy birthday Tom!