Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet talk 'Call My By Your Name' sequel and that infamous peach scene

Two of our favourite young stars discuss one of our favourite films.


Timothée Chalamet has been firmly in our heart ever since his stand-out turn in Call Me By Your Name - so you can imagine our excitement when conversation turned to Luca Guadagnino's intoxicating gay romantic drama during a recent chat with Harry Styles.

Chalamet, who's attracting more awards buzz for his role as a teenage addict opposite Steve Carrell in upcoming drama Beautiful Boy, is interviewed by Styles in the November issue of i-D, and the pair wasted no time gettin to the 22-year-old's breakout role as Elio in the Oscar-nominated film...

Photography: Mario Sorrenti

Harry: When you were reading the script for Call Me By Your Name what was the one scene that made you think you have to do this? 

Timothée: It might be the scene where Elio reveals his feelings for Oliver by the war monument. The book is so genuine, so accomplished and well written that I felt like that one scene would be a barometer for whether we would pull it off or not. On the day, Luca Guadagnino didn’t quite know how he wanted to shoot it, and it was actually Armie Hammer who had the idea to do it in one take and in a wide shot. It took away the whole cringey Hollywood feeling. If you mute the movie you can’t tell it’s somebody telling somebody else that they are in love with them.

Photography: Mario Sorrenti

H: There have been rumblings of a sequel, are you nervous about carrying on a story that so many people loved?

T: We made the first movie in the humble hope that fans of the books would go and see it. I would love to do a sequel, that challenge is really exciting to me.

H: Can you still eat peaches?

T: [Laughs] Umm I can, but not without thinking about it…

H: I’ve had a hard time…

T: [Laughs again] That’s the most awkward scene to see with your parents in the whole world. My poor father…

H: I’m sure he’s done it too.

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Interview - Harry Styles
Photography - Mario Sorrenti
Fashion Director - Alastair McKimm