Henry Holland: I used to look down on Pride a little bit - which is so wrong

The fashion guru reflects on his personal relationship with Pride in My Pride, sponsored by Taimi.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Attitude

Henry Holland has admitted he used to "look down" on Pride - and now wishes he'd attended sooner.

The fashion guru reflected on the evolution of his relationship with Pride and the wider LGBTQ community while speaking as part of My Pride, sponsored by Taimi

Former Attitude cover star Henry will be joined in the video series - dropping this week as part of Attitude Pride At Home, in association with Klarna - by the likes of RPDR alumni Alaska and Bob the Drag Queen.

"Stop dying your hair!"

“If I could give my younger self a piece of advice, other than ‘stop dying your hair’ it would probably be ‘go to Pride much sooner’," Henry says.

"I put up a real block for myself about going to a Pride parade."

The 38-year-old continues: "When I got there I really understood what it was about and what feeling it gave me.

"From the outside I always looked down on Pride a little bit and thought it was this crazy party thing that I didn't want to be associated with. Which is so wrong, so not true.

"Go out there and make yourself more intergrated and a part of the community as soon as you can."

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