Hollyoaks faces backlash for being 'too gay': we take a look at the evidence

Hollyoaks has been responsible for some of British television's most high profile LGBT stories over the last few years, but executive producer Brian Kirkwood has admitted that he's been facing criticism for making the Channel 4 soap "too gay". LIKE THERE'S SUCH A THING. hollyoaks feat "We get told off all the time for being too gay and having too many gay characters," he told The Daily Star. "I don’t think you can be too gay, quite frankly." He added: "The idea that people object to two boys kissing is really bizarre to me.’ However, the former EastEnders boss admitted that the show's attempts to tackle serious issues had sometimes been a bit too heavy-handed in the past. "Sometimes it has been like we are hitting the audience over the head with a pamphlet," he said. "We have to keep that lightness of touch, otherwise it becomes a little too worthy for its own good." In light of Kirkwood's comments, we thought we should re-assess some recent scenes from Hollyoaks village to offically decide whether it should be crowned the UK's gay capital. Let it be said, the signs are promising... 7 5 4 3 soaps-hollyoaks-3566-1 soaps-hollyoaks-john-paul-lockie-4 soaps-hollyoaks-john-paul-lockie-5 hollyoaks 2 hollyprev1 parry1-547x1024 soaps-hollyoaks-4192-7 soaps-hollyoaks-3928-14 550x_hollyoaks_140109_krisravi_kiss01 550w_soaps_hollyoaks_ste_brendan_2 parry-5-1024x613550x358_hollyoaks_showdown_week20_pic09JS74425817 1444671245-f1522f92d39ab93892b48a4cb9dedf9f-600x400 Conclusion: Hollyoaks is gayer than Attitude HQ's fashion department on #RebelHeartTour week. And we wouldn't have it any other way. More stories: Alex Pettyfer reveals nasty feud with ‘Magic Mike’ co-star Channing Tatum Pics | Attitude’s World AIDS Day kissing booth