Homoerotic Calvin Klein ad accused of breaking Russia's 'gay propaganda' law

Russian authorities have received complaints about a Calvin Klein ad which portrays same-sex couples. Russian news source 29 reports that last week, a complaint was made in the Arkhangelsk region, citing that the video - which had been seen on YouTube - had "elements of propaganda of homosexuality and paedophilia." They were implying that the ad is breaking the Russian LGBT propaganda law, which was introduced in June 2013 "for the purpose of protecting children information advocating for a denial of traditional family values." The slogan for ck2 advertises it as "a new scent for the two of us" and includes same sex couples in romantically suggestive embraces, as well as opposite sex couples. The news report says that, "authorities monitor compliance with the advertising legislation," though there has been no update so far. There have been several prosecutions for breaking the propaganda law since it was introduced, and a photograph of Apple CEO Tim Cook was even removed from a store in St. Petersburg after he publicly came out as gay. maxresdefault The comments underneath the article show a host of Russians who are firmly in support of the legislation, who are against the ad. One writes, "It is time to return to the Criminal Code article on sodomy," while another says, "Most likely it is the fruit of atheism!" - a reminder of Russian conservative's strong religious beliefs. It's not all bad though, one crudely translated comment says, "They who complain are usually something missing. Looks like Arkhangelsk lacks the warmth and tenderness of strong male hands. It became jealous." A true kindred spirit is out there somewhere. More stories Russian politicians debate whether these images of a tiger and a goat promote homosexuality Russia to consider ban on coming out and same sex public displays of affection