Homophobic attack victim spreads message of love and tolerance from behind his bruises

A San Francisco man who was the victim of a homophobic assault over the Superbowl weekend has published an online video to share a message of strength and love. Jeffery Lafayette was attacked by a group of men on February 6 after he was singled out for 'wearing white pants', reports Gay Star News. While specific details around the assault remain unclear, Lafayette appears with bruising and an eye swollen shut in a Facebook video that he has posted, which speaks of the vile attack. “The strength of your love is more powerful than any fist! The LGBT youth needs to see this so they are aware of the hatred that is still out there,” he writes. “But tell them that no matter how much hatred or cruelty you are faced with, the love from those you surround yourself with is STRONGER than anything!" In the video, Lafayette describes how the men spat on him, and kicked him, because he decided to wear white pants. “I am covered in bruises, some blood, and tear stains," he says. "But no matter how hard they hit, no matter how cruel life will be, you must always GET UP! And continue to love and smile! Never forget to SMILE.” The clip, which has been viewed over 600,000 times, has sparked messages of support, and other victims of homophobic attacks sharing their stories. “I’m so sorry this happened to you Jefferey, and even with all the money spent on protection this weekend. Your courage and forgiveness is amazing,” writes one viewer. “Sorry you had to go through this. But your strong will and amazing spirit will keep up and conquering the world. Just know we all love you and to keep your head held high,” says another. You can watch the video below: [fbvideo link="" width="500" height="400" onlyvideo="1"] More stories: Michigan senate passes bill punishing anal sex with 15 years in prison 'Perhaps the time has come for gay saunas to close – and that’s fine'