How to choose the perfect 'His & His' wedding rings

Promotional When wedding bells are in your future you have plenty of decisions to make. Some choices, such as your wedding attire, will be focused on your special day while others will be a part of your life forever.  The rings you choose will mark the beginning of your marriage and will be a constant presence throughout your life together. Choosing a ring set means selecting a style that suits you now and which will remain timeless for years to come. So, no pressure then. While choosing rings is a big decision, that doesn’t mean it has to be overwhelming. We’ve put together a few simple tips to help guide you through the selection process from the moment you say, ‘Yes” to the moment you both say, “I Do.” He Said Yes … Now What? The question has been popped and the planning has begun.  Choosing a wedding set is another in a long list of decisions you and your future husband will make together.  Start your planning off right by laying the groundwork for a decision that won’t turn either of you into 'Groomzillas'. Set a Budget Like any other part of your wedding budget, you should consider how much you’re willing to spend for your wedding rings.  Keep in mind, these pieces of jewelry will be a part of you for years to come.  Consider what you normally spend on high-quality big ticket items and use that as a jumping off point. MarriageCheck Out the Jewelry You Have Check out the jewelry you each wear or have worn in the past.  This will help you find styles or designs that you share which can help when it’s time to start shopping around.  It can also give each of you ideas about styles you might not have considered before.  Who knows, your boyfriend’s Southwestern Turquois phase might just inspire you … right? Go Shopping!  (Without Your Wallet) Jump into the deep end by checking out rings from every online and High Street retailer you can find.  Browse online stores and boutiques as well as going in to traditional stores to try different styles, metals and materials.  Don’t go into this phase of the shopping as a time to make any serious decisions.  Include any style you like and don’t look at prices for now.  You’re hunting for the look you want, not necessarily the ring you’ll buy.  Set up a way for each of you to share what you find.  Create a Pinterest board, use a program like Pocket or use the chat or cloud client on your smartphones.  Once you have a healthy collection of rings you like, it’s time to take the plunge Don't Skimp … or Compromise As you begin to go through the rings that made you initial Wish List, use your budget as a guide.  Stay within your budget but if jewelry is important to you, this isn't the time to be overly frugal. The fact of the matter is that high quality gemstones and craftsmanship comes with a price tag.  At the same time, that doesn't mean you have to break the bank either.  Look for companies that work directly with the artists and mines.  This cuts out the middleman and keeps prices reasonable. Equalli Logo Choose a Company With Compassion The rings you choose will symbolize your love and the journey of your lives together. Choose a ring that embodies that love, devotion and dedication. That means working with companies with compassion and a connection to the world around them.  Equalli, for example, incorporates community outreach along with a commitment to ethical and sustainable gem mining.  This provides clients with the highest quality gemstones, the most unique artists and designs as well as the comfort of knowing the work they do provides sustainable employment and opportunity for communities connected to the mines. Go Beyond Your Normal Style It’s important to choose a ring set that reflects your style, but don’t be afraid to stretch your horizons a bit.  After all, there are so many more options for men today.  Limiting yourself to style or materials you’ve always used simply because you’re used to them could be depriving you and your partner of establishing a new style to go along with your new life together. Know Your Options There was a time when male wedding ring options consisted of plain bands and … plain bands.  But, just like other areas of male fashion, ring options for two grooms go way beyond plain bands.
  • Bold Pride – recent advances in marriage quality and LGBTQ rights have inspired many couples to incorporate a bold statement of pride into their nuptials. Options that incorporate the rainbow flag or even pops of bright gemstones can become a symbol not only of your love and a life shared, but also as a way to honor those who worked so hard for so long to achieve equality and the freedom to live openly.
  • Fashionably Classic – There are several styles that combine iconic elements in a new way. Rings that paid color against a classic black onyx, for example, combines the traditional masculine ring style with a pop of modernization.  This is a great option for couples who feel they themselves are a mix of the traditional love story with a modern twist.
  • The Iconic Look – While having options beyond a simple band is nice, many couples still find themselves drawn to the classic appeal of the iconic band. A simple metal band is, of course, the ultimate classic.  For those who want a bit more, however, the classic band can easily be updated by selecting one which incorporates modern elements such as the black spine embedded in the Barcelona Men’s Ring.
Wedding rings Ready to Say I Do Now that you have the ring, you’re ready to walk down the aisle.  Whether you choose to have your rings in your pockets or to recruit an official ring bearer, exchanging your rings on The Big Day will be a moment you cherish forever.  Just as your ring mark the beginning of your life together, they also represent the strength and continuity of the love you share. Be sure to include your rings I special photos you have taken on your wedding day.  Close ups of the rings together, of your hands intertwined with your rings on and simply of your hands on top of one another can become powerful photographs. You'll be wearing this ring for the rest of your life - choosing wisely means making your decision with both your head and your heart.  Take inspiration from your personal sense of style as well as looks that blend your separate styles into a unified style.  Work with a company that can deliver your style while making the world around it a better place and you’ll have a ring and a legacy that reflects your love now and for years to come. You can check out more by going onto Equalli's website.   love1 More stories: Check out all the highlights from Tel Aviv Pride Stephen Fry and Dr Christian slam NHS decision not to fund PrEP