How to host a blackjack party

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Pictures: Pexels

With the world slowly getting back to normal after a period of reduced social interaction, it’s time to think about what sort of social events you might want to host now that it’s allowed.

While movie nights and house parties are coming back into the mainstream, it’s also the case that many people are finding that they have a craving for something a little unusual – like a blackjack party.

We can help you plan the blackjack party of the year – whether you’re new to blackjack or you’re an old hand.

Learn the rules

For some people, a blackjack party will be like water off a duck’s back. This is especially true if you’ve either attended or organised one of these before: you’re likely to have picked up some best practice tips, and also learned the rules.

If you’re planning to hire someone in to provide the “house”, so to speak, then there’s perhaps less obligation on you to learn the rules. In that eventuality, you’d essentially be attending as a player, and won’t have to worry about everything such as bringing the cards and ensuring you have enough cash on hand to pay off winners.

Another option is for you to be the dealer all evening, or for your guests to take turns. However, if you’re planning to be both the party host and the blackjack dealer, either for the full evening or for some of it, you’ll need to be sure that you’re confident in the rules.

After all – it could be embarrassing if you throw the party but consistently lose!

One way to make sure that you’re appropriately prepared is to play in advance, perhaps online in the privacy of your own home. Sites like Sky City Casino are designed to offer you a top blackjack experience without having to go out of the door – so you can pick up enough tips and tricks to have a fighting chance of winning when your friends come over.

Food and drink

Aside from learning the rules of the game, it’s also important to think about the practical side of things. Whether you’re going to serve food and drink is one such question – and it’s something that you may need to think about in advance.

For some people, serving food is an essential part of the party process. For others, however, it’s not nearly as important. If you’re stuck and finding yourself unable to decide what to do, your best bet might instead be to tell everyone that it’s drinks only, and to set the party to happen later in the evening.

Alcohol is likely to form an inevitable part of your blackjack party. However, it’s worth remembering that the focus of the gathering is on the game itself, not on drinking – and, indeed, that players will want to keep a clear head to some extent in order to make sure that they are clear-headed enough to play the card game.

If they’re not, they may find themselves at a disadvantage and make errors in judgement.

For that reason, it may be worth having enough alcohol on hand for people to serve themselves as they please, but avoid structuring the whole evening around it. That way, it’s all up to the individual player how much they want to drink and how much they want to focus on the game.

Choose your invite list

Finally, it’s also essential to make sure that you put some thought into the creation of a proper invite list. Whether you’re inviting friends, colleagues, family, or a mixture, you should first make sure that there’s nobody on your list who has struggled with gambling problems in the past.

You should also take care to be sure that you only invite people who you know are people of integrity. The whole evening could be soured if you suddenly find yourself with a cheat or two in the room, and the players who came along to have honest fun might be angry with you for inviting people who spoiled the game.

In short, planning a blackjack party isn’t always simple – but the challenges can certainly be overcome. By deciding on a time of day, a guest list, and what dealing arrangements you want to have in place, you can make sure that everyone has a good time and that your party goes off just as planned.