Hungary's government proposes ban on same-sex couples adopting



(Photo: Pixabay)

Hungary’s government has drafted a change to the country’s constitution that would effectively stop same-sex couples adopting.

The amendment states that in a child-parent relationship, “the mother is a woman, the father is a man”.

It would ensure only married couples can adopt children. The central European country and EU member state does not have marriage equality.

“Hungary protects children’s right to identify as the sex they were born with"

Hungary is ruled by János Áder of the far-right Fidesz party. The move to change the constitution is to enshrine the defence of so-called “Christian values”, reports The Guardian.

According to the publication, the amendment also says: “Hungary protects children’s right to identify as the sex they were born with, and ensures their upbringing based on our national self-identification and Christian culture.”

The amendment was submitted to parliament by justice minister Judit Varga yesterday.

Critics have slammed the timing of the move, which coincides with a national coronavirus-induced lockdown in Hungary, which began yesterday.

Katalin Cseh, MEP of opposition Momentum party, responded on Twitter: “Parents, schools, hospitals, small businesses are hours away from a lockdown – not knowing what will happen, as details of regulations haven’t even been published yet. On the govt’s agenda: a constitutional amendment to fight gender ideology.”

Last year, Hungary passed a bill banning legal gender recognition, effectively erasing trans people from legal existence in the EU state.

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