Hunky boyfriends become husbands-to-be after adorable gym flash mob proposal

Just when you thought the flash mob proposal trend had nowhere left to go, one man decided to up the ante - by organising one in his own gym in order to ask his partner to marry him. Nico Martina and Mikey Sinclair met at the gym, so when it came to popping the question, there was literally no better place Nico could think of than a branch of Fitness First in Sydney, Australia. With the help of some dancers, he grabbed his boyfriend's attention - and the attention of everyone else at the gym, no doubt - before getting down on one knee. Speaking to HowHeAsked.com, Nico revealed how the pair had been dating for just a year, but the connection between them was "immediate" "Our first date felt like we were already in a relationship. He picked me up after he finished work, we went to the supermarket, bought food for a BBQ, then went to his place and prepared and cooked the food together," Nico explained. Despite originally wanting to take Mikey to his native Italy, Nico had to seek alternative plans after realising he "couldn't afford it." Knowing he wanted to organize "something cool," he decided on a dance flash mob instead." "I like dancing, I’m a loud person and for me this was a way for me to be loud in a different way; to be able to shout out my love for Mike." "I also wanted one day to be able to re live that moment with Mike so I wanted to create something memorable. Perhaps one day when we are old and we can share it with our children." Well, we're wishing the happy couple all the luck in the world. Watch the moving moment below: More stories: Colton Haynes gives fans exactly that they want for Christmas Interview | Wentworth Miller talks mental health, Hollywood and homophobia