Hunky dentist goes viral in Facebook video and we can see why

Dr Rich Constantine posted the video onto Facebook and it has received more than 52 million views


A hunky dentist has gone viral after posting a video of him dancing, and we can see why.

Dr Rich Constantine posted the video of him dancing to Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ to Facebook last week and it has since garnered more than 52 million views and more than 660,000 shares in less than a week.

And it’s really no surprise. Dr Constantine is one hot dentist. We wouldn’t mind letting him give us a filling.

The Shiggy dance comes from the Instagram comedian, ‘TheShiggyShow’, who choreographed the steps and encouraged people to post themselves doing the dance.

When speaking to Good Morning America, Dr Constantine revealed he was surprised that his video received so much attention.

He said: “It was surreal. I thought a few people in Greenville, South Carolina, might see it, and a few of my friends and family members.

“But I had no idea that it would get legs like it did and take off.”

Well doctor, we are not complaining! Maybe in the next video, we could see more skin. Just giving you some suggestions.

Watch the hot dentist dance below: