Hurts tackle homophobic violence in devastatingly powerful 'Beautiful Ones' video

Hurts have burst back onto the scene with a brand new single accompanied by one of the most devastatingly powerful videos of the year so far. The British electropop duo, comprised of singer Theo Hutchcraft and synthesist Adam Anderson, address the terrifying consequences of homophobia in the visual 'Beautiful Ones', a song which the the band describe as a "celebration of individuality." The mesmerising video, which was written by and stars Hutchcraft, sees the 30-year-old singer drag up as themes of love, hate, homophobia and sexual repression are charted in reverse over the course of one fateful night. Hurts, who have released two records - 2013's Exile and 2015's Surrender - since bursting onto the scene in 2010 with their critically-acclaimed 2010 debut Happiness, are believed to be working on their fourth studio album. It's not been confirmed whether 'Beautiful Ones' will feature on the record, but the band have described the track and video as an "unmistakable stand-alone feature". Take it from us, it's one that'll stick with you. More stories: Guardians of the Galaxy to feature an LGBT+ character? Gay men in Chechnya give harrowing accounts of abuse – WATCH