'I Am Michael' stars Zachary Quinto and James Franco stage gay kiss

Never ones to be accused of pandering to a gay audience, James Franco and Zachary Quinto have staged a slow motion gay kiss in a new video. The hot actors - who do more than just kiss in forthcoming gay drama I Am Michael - staged the kiss in a clip filmed at the Sundance Film Festival for The New York Times. Franco Watch the pair - almost - get it on below: [youtube height="HEIGHT" width="WIDTH"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4rvBQcaEsw#t=15[/youtube]   If that's somehow managed to make you feel shortchanged, then you can rectify that by checking out the first glimpse of Franco, Quinto and Charlie Carver's threesome scene in I Am Michael – you're welcome. Meanwhile, Carver recently spoke about the soon to be infamous scene, saying it that was "hot as hell" - find out more here. More stories: ‘Channel 4 boss: ‘Cucumber’ will ‘lightly outrage’ the Daily Mail Andrew Hayden-Smith meets the star of ‘Byker Grove’s infamous gay kiss