'I Love Gays' hashtag trends in Saudi Arabia as Arab community makes brave stand for equality

In an unlikely turn of events, a hashtag declaring 'I Love Gays' has trended on in Saudi Arabia as the world's Arab community makes a brave stand for equality. The hashtag 'احب_المثليين_ولست_منهم' which literally translates as "I love gays and I’m not one of them" - or essentially, 'I'm straight and I love gays' - trended worldwide over the weekend. Starting on Thursday (February 2), it soon went viral around the globe and became the top trending topic in Saudi Arabia - a country where homosexuality is not only illegal, it's punishable by death. Under Saudi Arabia's take on Sharia Law, any married man or non-Muslim who has anal sex with a Muslim can be stoned to death. First-time offenders can be jailed, face lashing, and sometimes even death. If someone is found to have had sex with a man more than once they automatically face execution. Last year, a man was arrested for simply flying a Pride flag in the country. More stories: How Instagram became the new gay cruising ground ‘There’s more to me than just a body’ – Tom Daley dives into Attitude’s Body Issue