'Imitation Game' sex scenes would've been 'risky', says Goode

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 12.19.29The Imitation Game star Matthew Goode has revealed that he is "really glad" there are no sex scenes in the film. The actor - who plays cryptanalyst Hugh Alexander in the period film - said it would have done Turing a "slight disservice" to include scenes of him having sex with another man, as he was so "private". It was recently reported that a gay sex scene was cut from the final edit of the film, despite being filmed by Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Turing - read more here. Goode told The Huffington Post: "Some people will think it's a shame there was no suggestion or depiction of [the sex life of] Alan Turing, who is a gay icon because of what he went through and what happened in [1954] where he took his own life. "But I think, in some ways, to do this man's story [and include his sex life], it would do him a slight disservice because he was so private. No one at Bletchley Park knew that he was a homosexual, so therefore the film is merely mirroring what was going on in his own life. "I know that may seem cowardly... but to show a scene of him having sex with another man without any knowledge or the truth in it, I think could have been very risky. I mean, there will always be a 'you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't', but I'm really glad we didn't." Cumberbatch recently supported the decision to avoid focusing on Turing's sex life, saying: "If you need to see that [sex scenes] to understand that he’s gay, then all is lost for any kind of subtle storytelling." The Imitation Game is out now in UK cinemas - watch a trailer for the film here. More stories: Read Paul Bettany’s amazing response to homophobic troll Shane Ritchie offends S Club 7 with ‘gay’ joke?