In GIFs: Teen Wolf gives Cody Saintgnue some man-on-man action

Here at, we don't think MTV's supernatural drama Teen Wolf gets all the gay credit it deserves. There're gay relationships, hunky twins and abs aplenty, and the most recent episode of season five didn't disappoint either, with presumed straight werewolf Brett Talbot (played by the delightful Cody Saintgnue) getting in on the man-on-man action on a club dance floor. For those not familiar with Cody and his work on the show, here's a brief reminder... tumblr_nretzw0F041r8j1j3o1_250 tumblr_nretzw0F041r8j1j3o2_250 And now here are those arms as they should be, wrapped around a handsome man in last night's episode... tumblr_nri6ktLI4i1tqtt3wo1_500 tumblr_nri6ktLI4i1tqtt3wo3_540 tumblr_nrgvdrVBBi1uazdo9o1_r1_400tumblr_nrgvdrVBBi1uazdo9o2_r1_400 Is this the beginning of a surprise new storyline for Brett? We certainly hope so, but this is our latest decree: Teen Wolf is the big gay successor to True Blood and everyone should watch it immediately, regardless. Teen Wolf airs Mondays nights on MTV in the US. More stories: In GIFs: Cody Christian heats up 'Teen Wolf' season 5 Professor Green claims Blur's Alex James offered him oral sex